Saturday, July 2, 2011

K. Michelle Says “F*ck Jive Records”, Talks R. Kelly Mentorship, Crush On Lupe Fiasco [Video]
recently caught up with Jive Records singer/songwriter K. Michelle who's been using the internet to highlight her talents through R&B infused freestyles and mixtapes.
The talented Tennessee songstress dished on a number of topics including her mentor R. Kelly who told her he would gladly pass down his 'King Of R&B' crown to her in due time.
"Kellz is real big on his freestyles and hopping on things...I don't wanna compete with the girls I wanna compete with the dudes to have the King Of R&B [R.Kelly] say you're the next king of R&B.
In between talking about her single and her views on other talented female singers, Michelle dished on her infatuation with rapper Lupe Fiasco who she's had a crush on since meeting him in the recording studio.
"My nipples just got hard...that man is just fine. We was in the studio and I have the biggest mouth[...] but when he came in there I didn't know what to say. I wasn't starstruck I just thought he was so fine! I was so quiet and that's how everybody knew I really liked him, I didn't say nothing! It's just something about him, he's a rebel like me. "
The conversation wasn't totally positive however, Michelle did express her disdain for her label home of Jive Records and hinted at wanting to move on.
"I feel like my label hasn't allowed me to be me and I'm just at the point where it's like f*ck you! There's so much freedom in f*ck you. So that's where I'm at with my label. F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you, I don't care."

Fabolous Reveals New Tattoo Of His Son [Photos]

Fabolous is a proud father and isn't afraid to show it now that the Brooklyn emcee has debuted his latest tattoo—a picture of his son.
The NY rapper took to Twitter Friday to show off the new ink of his son on his arm.
The tatt shows the rapper's son Johan, also the son of Love and Hip-Hop star Emily B, surrounded by an angel.
Check out Fab's tat and more of his inspiration Johan below

50 Cent Names His Life Changer, "That's The Biggest Record Of My Career Still"

G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently opened up about his relationship with Dr. Dre and what record ultimately launched his successful music career.
In addition to talking about the Doc, he also pointed out why they recently had tension between one another over headphones.
"I love Dre...Without 'In Da Club' and Dre's guidance on the first record...none of those other things would've happened," 50 said in an interview. "That's the biggest record of my career still. Dre can be difficult at times, and not intentionally. He can be on his own and in his world -- like the [Beats By Dre and Sleek By 50 headphones], we had to clear that up face-to-face, me and Dre, personally." ("Power 106")
A few weeks ago, West Coast rapper Game named Dre the greatest hip-hop producer of all time.
"The best person to work with is probably definitely Dr. Dre," Game said in an interview. "He's always been like a father figure, older brother. And it's just like going back to school and somebody really putting in the time to help you with your work ethic...[Our separation,] it was five years, but I kind of think I needed the break. I matured a lot, it helped me grow. I had a lot of time to reflect on my life and my career and to go out there and do it myself -- but being back with Dr. Dre makes it a lot easier. He's definitely the greatest hip-hop producer of all time, and one of the best producers of all time. No disrespect to Quincy Jones, but Dre's great." (The Daily Habit)
Last March, 50 spoke on his minor feud with Dr. Dre over their separate headphone brands.
"I have a strong personality, a strong character. And I can be difficult to deal with at certain points because I'm vocal. If you upset Em [Eminem], he's just gonna not talk to you. You're not going to get him in the next room you wanna get him in. With Dre, the same. He's not comfortable with friction. That [tweet] is, 'Hey look, I'm here. Is everybody still paying attention?' So they go, "Why he say that? Why he say we mad?" Then the meeting happens." (VIBE)
When asked about 50's headphones a month prior, Dre denied prior knowledge of the rapper's venture.
Dr. Dre totally DISSED his former protege 50 Cent in Los Angeles the other night ... maybe ... possibly ... OK, we're really not sure -- but it's all on tape!!!! Here's the back story -- 50 went on a Twitter tirade this week, claiming Dre HATES him because he's launching a line of headphones to compete with Dre's "Beats" line. But when we asked Dre about the beef out in front of Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood Tuesday night ... Dre simply replied, "I never heard of his headphones." DISS!!!!!!!!!!!! (maybe). (TMZ)
Check out some past 50 Cent footage below:

Nicki Minaj Addresses Amber Rose's Leaked Nude Pics

Young Money star Nicki Minaj has come to the defense of video vixen Amber Rose days after the model was accused of sending leaked nude photos to her boyfriend.
Downplaying the rumor, Minaj struck back at media reporting the gossip as fact.
"Ppl rlly believed it? WOW > RT @DaRealAmberRose: It shld b illegal 2write fake stories about ppl the media never wants to see any1 happy.," she tweeted June 30th.
"I don't address dumb sh*t. I always assume intelligent ppl understand these "stories" are 4 entertainment purposes only. But clearly... -_-"
"But KARMA is a b*tch. Every lie u print will come back to you & your children in one way or the other. Trust that. ;) #itsPinkFridayHoe" (Nicki Minaj's Twitter)
Speculation on who the photos were intended for hit the Internet on Tuesday (June 28).
According to our insider, Amber Rose had an INAPPROPRIATE relationship with Nicki Minaj's boyfriend Safaree . . . and that she sent him NEKKID PICS of herself . . . giving her cooch the DUECES!!! The insider tells, "At Nickis birthday in Vegas on [December 9th] weekend, Nicki caught her boyfriend Safaree in Amber's room . .. she knew something was going on." And there's more, "Later to find out by going into Safaree's phone, [Nicki learned] that Amber was sending Safaree naked pictures of herself via bbm." (Media Take Out)
Following the rumors, Rose hit up Twitter to clear the air.
"These blogs do nothing but try to ruin ppls lives I DID NOT send pics to anyones boyfriend pls stop with the lies. Its so ridiculous. smh," she tweeted June 28th.
"Yall been doing this to me for 3 years now it shld be illegal to write fake stories about ppl the media never wants to see anyone happy." (Amber Rose's Twitter)
Two days later, the video vixen said the images were over two years old.
"I was gonna wait until my radio show to address this but I want to say this now. I trusted someone that worked 4 me & allowed them to use my laptop a million times, I caught this person sending my pics to themselves and I fired this person immediatelyWiz [Khalifa] & I & both of our families have known about this for 2 months now. We tried to prepare ourselves for this day. Those pictures r 2 1/2 years old just sitting in my computer. I'm really hurt & embarr#!@%*#ed because I have so many young girls that look up to me. I would never put those pics out of myself." (TMI)
Check out some recent Amber Rose footage below:

DJ Drama Won't Drop Lyrical Bombs, "I Can Talk A Lot Of Sh*t But I Can't Make The Words Rhyme" [Video]

Although fans may hear DJ Khaled and DJ Kay Slay rhyming on their albums, DJ Drama explains why spitting lyrical bars is just something he has not conquered, yet.
"Nah, not yet," Drama promised. "I can talk a lot of sh*t but I just can't make the words rhyme because if I could make it rhyme, you would have been heard me rap. I just know how to say it but, yeah. [It's possible,] it is. I'm just proud to be a deejay. I never say never but right now I'm happy and I'm blessed at what I'm bringing to the table." (Ms. Drama TV)
Last year, DJ Khaled talked about rhyming on his "All I Do Is Win" remix.
"I love music, [Ross] is definitely gonna be a ghost writer for me," Khaled told DJ Envy in an interview. "I ain't hiding it...Everybody said 'Khaled you need to spit something one day,' so I said you know what, it's only right that I do it on the 'All I Do Is Win' remix and I waited four albums to do it. I'm not a rapper, I'm having fun. You will hear a few verses once in a blue moon, just doing my thing. Shout-out to Swizz Beatz, my brother had took it to another level. Shout-out Puff Daddy, I'm just doing what I do. I love music." (Power 105.1)
Earlier this week, rapper Freddie Gibbs poked fun at DJ Khaled's raps.
"I like DJ Khaled, he's funny as f*ck. I seen him at King of Diamonds and there were b*tches all around him. That n*gga was in a Phantom. You gone get some p*ssy if you've got a Phantom. I can't hate on a n*gga with a Phantom. When I seen him rap I was like "Aww...." But that doesn't mean these n*ggas is bad people. But they ain't gone beat my a** when they see me. It's just criticism. It just happens to get out and then some people take offense to it." (Complex)
In May, DJ Drama named his top five favorite rappers out right now.
"I gotta put [Rick] Ross in there, I gotta put [Lil] Wayne in there," said Drama. "I still rep with the home team. My man [T.I.] about to come home and crush 'em. Shout to my man [Young] Jeezy, he's doing his thing. And I gotta put 2 Chainz in there. He's really smashing the A and on honorary mention, shout out to the homie Future, too." (DJ Absolut)

Reebok Classics ‘Triple Black’ Kamikaze

Reebok Classics 'Trible Black' Kamikaze Sneakers
Reebok Classics presents the latest colorway of the Swizz Beatz designed Kamikaze high top sneaker. The ‘Triple Black’ comes with a monochromatic all black upper, made of leather, nylon and suede. Furthermore it incorporates 3-pod Hexalite sole technology for superior cushioning, and systematically placed flex frooves on the outsole for added traction. The sneaker drops Friday, July 8th, in limited quantities.

Lanvin Mid Hiking Boot

Lanvin Mid Hiking Boot
This week Lanvin released their new mid cut hiking boot from the Fall/Winter 2011 Collection. Featuring mat lizard skin and premium suede on the upper, the large elastic strip is certainly the stand-out feature on the rubber soled boot. It is now available in the official Lanvin online store.

Lanvin Mid Hiking Boot
Lanvin Mid Hiking Boot

Mighty Healthy Summer 2011 Lookbook

Mighty Healthy Spring Summer 2011 Collection-01
Mighty Healthy highlights their new summer collection in a lookbook featuring legendary skateboarder Danny Montoya. When it comes to graphics tees, Mighty Healthy always comes through strong and consistent and this season is no different. And of course, the caps and other goods are on point too. Shop the collection now at Mighty Healthy.
More images follow after the click.

Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc

bugatti veyron lor blanc front Bugatti Veyron LOr Blanc
Bugatti has teamed up with German porcelain manufacturers K├Ânigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur to create the one-off Veyron “L’Or Blanc”. The name means “white gold”, and the special Grand Sport uses porcelain to distinguish its body and interior in high swirly style.
The Bugatti Veyron L’or Blanc is one of a kind. The asking price for this exclusive model is €1.65 million – equivalent to $2.4 million at today’s exchange rates.
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Stussy x Nike Sky Force 88 Mid – Sneakers & T-Shirt

Stussy x Nike Sky Force 88 Mid - Sneakers & T-Shirt
After already having presented the 4 colorways of the Stussy x Nike Sky Force 88 Mid Pack, we present another look at both the sneakers and the accompanying t-shirt. The tee comes with combined logo graphic of the Sky Force and Stussy. Both the shoes and the t-shirt will release at Stussy stores and select retailers on July 9th, 2011.

Nike Air Royal Mid VT Team Red

Nike Air Royal Mid VT Team Red Sneakers-01
Nike presents the Air Royal Mid VT sneaker in a rich Team Red colorway. Constructed with the use of VacTech, the sneaker features several seamless portions. It’s all about that color though… so nice. Available at Primitive.

XLarge Holiday 2011 Collection

XLarge Holiday 2011 Collection
The Japanese branch of XLarge presents their new Holiday 2011 Collection. Compared to previous collections, this one seems a little more subtle and we appreciate that small change in direction. We do not mind some playfulness, but XLarge just seemed to bring back the same graphic over and over again, without giving them the necessary updated twist. The leopard pattern is a theme in the new line, being featuring on denim, sweaters and more.
Take a full look at the new XLarge Holiday 2011 line after the jump.