Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cam'ron and Queen Latifah Form a Film Company

Cam'ron and Queen Latifah joined Cam's Killa Films and Latifah’s Flavor Unit Films to form KFU Productions to produce Cam's new movie 'Percentages'...

Cam co-stars with Omar Gooding as two New York hustlers on the run from a drug deal gone wrong who end up bosses of a credit fraud empire in Miami.

To be shot on the Miami soundstages built by Queen Latifah, 'Percentages' also features starring roles by Ving Rhames, Macy Gray, K.D. Aubert, Donnell Rawlings and Malinda Williams.

Rick Ross cancels another gig

Someone must have talked some sense into Rick Ross because he's really starting to take it easy...

Rick Ross, who was photographed outside a Memphis Wing Stop hours after suffering two separate mid air seizures in route to a concert [click here if you missed that] , has canceled his gig at Georgia State University this Friday.

It's just as well, considering there was a planned protest against Rick's concert by students at GSU who object to their tuition funding his performance when they don't support his message.

Student Ayesha Kirk told WSBTV,
"We don’t understand why the lyrics are this way. Why is this an artist that we support? Why are we spending thousands of dollars on this message?”

“He is known for raps that discuss drugs, money and sex. In his song titled ’9 Piece’ Ross says, ‘I’m selling dope straight off my iPhone.’”

Will and jada buy the sixers

Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith are now minority owners of the Philadelphia 76's basketball franchise...

Will and Jada partnered with billionaire Josh Harris on the $280 million dollar deal that's already been approved by the NBA.

An official statement from Josh Harris reads,
"My partners and I are thrilled to have become owners of the Sixers. It’s an honor to be part of this storied franchise. We want to build on the team’s momentum and be world class and cutting edge in everything we do."

Arrest the Best Thing to Happen to Soulja Boy the Movie

Soulja Boy was supposed to spend the day yesterday promoting his straight to DVD film 'Soulja Boy the Movie', which also dropped yesterday. Instead, Soulja Boy spent the day in jail, got loads of free promotion and his movie sold out at Walmarts and Targets everywhere...

Soulja Boy was arrested yesterday after being pulling over for a traffic violation and a routine search turned up weed and guns [click here if you missed that]

omarion ashantis sister hot heavy club

The High Priestess of Cunt took some time away from his boudoir to play it close with Ashanti’s younger sister Shia at Thunder Puss Thursdays. Funny how images intended strictly for Facebook always have a way of growing wings.