Sunday, July 17, 2011

2 Thieves Stealing A Sack Of Potatoes In Kenya & Get Burned In Fire

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Jay-Z and Kanye Give Mike Dean A Dope Present

RESPECT. already told you producer/engineer Mike Dean was Kanye‘s secret weapon. With Watch The Throne done and hopefully inching towards a release date, Hov and ‘Ye wanted to give their homie something to show their appreciation.  A card would suffice or maybe even a gift card. For Ye and Jay- Not so much. They got him a custom Rolex. #Bow

How Did Lil Wayne Get So Popular? Reddit Investigates

Suspicions are running amuck that Weezy F. Baby is on his way out the game, voluntarily or not.  Some say his raps have sucked since going sober, and he himself has hinted that Tha Carter IV might be his last LP.  But Wayne’s legacy still doesn’t seem like a shoo-in among the greats, as he still faces harsh criticism from those who believe he never deserved the acclaim in the first place.  One Reddit user articulated his/her concerns:
I understand that talentless “singers” sell lots of records, and that’s nothing new, but Lil’ Wayne is especially confusing to me.
He is probably the most recognizable artist currently recording. I’m not consulting any charts or lists or anything, I’m just hypothesizing based on how often I hear a song featuring him, or how frequently I see him on tv, etc.
How did he manage this level of success?
I listened to him in college when he was in the Hot Boyz. I liked them, but mind you I also liked the entire No Limit catalog (Mia X, Skull Duggery, and many other shitty rappers), amongst other bands that have since vanished. What I’m saying is I had questionable taste in music then, so “Wayne” was a perfect fit.
Nothing really stood out about him then, and I think he was inferior to BG and Juvenile, two guys in similar situations as him who didn’t go nearly as far. In fact, this whole post comes by way of me loading up my ipod and stumbling upon his music and thinking “wow, there’s a good song…there are 20 shitty ones…hey, there’s another good one…20 more shitty ones…”
I really want to know if anyone knows how he went from semi-popular southern rapper to the guy who still can’t rap a lick but sells a million copies of everything he appears on.
It isn’t me saying “he sucks and this is why”; I am legitimately interested in hearing why people think he became this major.

140 Characters Wasn’t Enough: Stop Being A Twitter Groupie

Looks like Relly’s ready to ruffle some more feathers this week. If the shoe fits, better wear that shit comfortably. Take the floor, Relly!
Let me get this off my chest hair before I get knee deep into business. A lot of people’s feathers got ruffled because of my comments about J. Cole in last week’s blog. Feelings were hurt, threats were made and the aroma of denim shorts and anger was in the air. I just want to let all you niggas know that I couldn’t possibly give less than a fuck. The fact that people were really upset just lets me know that everything stated in that blog was 100% pure raw uncut truth. And we all know the truth hurts. I never hate, I keep it real and say what people really think, but are scared to say. Jay-Z said it best, “No disrespect intended, but if you’re offended, I can’t take it back, handle your business“.
Anyway, fuck ALL of that. Lets just get to the topic of my 9th classic blog that I’ve been providing the people with week after week. This one is dedicated to all of the groupies lingering in the deep dark depths of the Twitter world. At first glance you might be caught asking yourself, “What’s a Twitter Groupie?“. A Twitter Groupie is an individual that will do any and everything to gain the attention of their favorite artist on Twitter. We’ve all seen them tap dance across our timeline before, and I know for a FACT that I’m not the only one who’s sick of this shit. The worst part about it is, not only are there female groupies, there’s MALE groupies as well. Yes, male groupies. Niggas with beards and responsibilities acting like they worship absolutely nothing but their favorite rapper on Twitter. The shit brings several tears to my eyes when I see this type of behavior coming from grown men.
Look dog, you are in your late 20s with full coverage car insurance and a 401k. You cannot be begging these rappers for follow backs under ANY circumstances b. I don’t care if his music got you through a 5 year bid. Never ever EVER operate your thumbs to type the words, “Please follow me” to a rapper on your timeline.
Don’t think I don’t see you niggas out here replying to every single tweet from your favorite rapper, actin’ like y’all grew up together. You think he’s gonna respond to you with some friendly tender conversation? Fuck no b, he doesn’t give a fuck about you. Dudes is out here without a speckle of self respect, swimming in these rappers mentions talkin’ to themselves. They see you, but they’ll never respond to you. It’s equivalent to you niggas standing on top of apartment buildings, screamin’ at airplanes and helicopters.
The female groupie thirst might be the most rawest, most potent type of thirst ever seen on the world wide web. If you step inside of Fabolous’s mentions right now, you will find yourself in the deep end of a pool filled with thirst and desperation. Remember a few months ago when The Game made that chick take a picture with her head in the toilet for a retweet? Not even a follow back….a RETWEET! And she did the shit without a care in the world. The Game hasn’t had a hit record since Madden 07′, and he got bitches doin headstands in toilet bowls b, I couldn’t believe it. The second that picture loaded up on my iPhone screen, it immediately let me know that chicks are out here having sex for follow backs and retweets. The things females do for attention on Twitter is nothing less than amazing.
This is why I tell you niggas, as soon as your girl’s favorite rapper retweets her, the relationship is over. She’s gone dog, she’s gone forever. Watch how many of your texts and phone calls go unanswered after that. There is absolutely NO telling what she did to get that retweet b. You just have to break up with her before it’s too late and anymore damage is done. And if her favorite rapper follows your girl back??? Oh it is BEYOND a wrap. Just imagine the DMs she’s sending him every time you fuck up. Y’all in the car arguing while Lloyd Banks is playing, and the whole time she’s in his DMs asking when he’s gonna be in her city.
So listen, you grown men out there have to understand that these rappers on Twitter do not give one single fuck about you. Do they appreciate the love? Of course they do. But do they wanna be your friend? Hell no. Be a fan, not a groupie, HUGE difference.
And to you female groupies, relax with the thirst and keep control over your box. These rappers have hundreds of thousands of followers, some even millions. The chances of any of you hoes getting hand picked out of that thirsty crowd are slim to none. Y’all are out here with dehydrated antics, lookin’ stupid for no reason, Chill. The. Fuck. Out.
Aight I’m outta here b. I’m still suffering from the nightmare I had with Lil B chasing me through the woods repeating his verse from the new Lil’ Wayne tape. Y’all be cool how y’all be cool. And to you rappers out there, if you follow my girl…..I will fucking kill you.
Oh and remember. Chicks with songs playing on their voicemail greeting never find faithful men….#FACT

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Skull Cufflinks with Diamond Eyes

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Skull Cufflinks with Diamond Eyes
Woah. Those diamond eyed skulls are ruthless. Daring to stare you down from the cufflink point of you. Evil on the wrist from Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Well done, though. Set yourself off with a rather unique and expensive accessory.  Mr. Porter has this most formal of looks.
More looks after the click.

EEK | Gloverall for b Store Spring/Summer 2012

bstore gloverall spring2012 1 SEEK | Gloverall for b Store Spring/Summer 2012
b Store changes directions in their outerwear game slightly with Spring 2012. Gloverall comes into the picture after a few seasons of work with Baracuta. Three coats look to take the reigns, including the toggle number above in green. Much more to see in our gallery. As shown at SEEK, Berlin.
More looks after the click.

Veuve Clicquot Rolling 50’s Airstream Diner

Veuve Clicquot Rolling 50's Airstream Diner
Berliners! Keep an eye out in the wild for the Veuve Clicquot Rolling Dinner, in town through July 25. The concept is simple: “Berlin gastronome Cookies and his “serious eating” team from CHIPPS will conjure up the tasty street food treats. A truffle curry wurst and “Crêpe de la Bastille“ are just two examples of CHIPPS’ palette of culinary goodies.” Enjoy some “first class outdoor leisure” from Veuve Clicquot.
More looks after the click.

Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays

2011 1700 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays
Element launched their grown up and super green Emerald collection at Saturday’s Surf in NYC yesterday. While most of the pieces borrow from heritage brands in terms of style, the level of detail especially in the footwear of the Emerald collection is impressive. When you add to that an incredible commitment to eco sustainability in the production of the line, you have something that is very unique to the skate world. Check out complete looks after the jump by Jacob Breinholt.

2011 1718 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays
2011 1716 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays
2011 1617 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays
2011 1614 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays
2011 1590 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays
2011 1631 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays
2011 1635 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays
2011 1660 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays
2011 1670 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays
2011 1672 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays
2011 1686 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays
2011 1688 Element Emerald Collection Launch at Saturdays

Diamond Supply Summer 2011

20110713 diamondcoverweb 540x359 Diamond Supply Summer 2011
Diamond’s summer collection is hitting stores as we speak. They went mostly nautical with it this time, invoking the “Diamond Yacht Club” in the graphics. To be honest a yacht club would not be a bad idea. Check out full looks after the jump and head to Atlas to get the goods.

20110713 diamondtee3web 540x359 Diamond Supply Summer 2011
20110713 diamondtee1web 540x359 Diamond Supply Summer 2011
20110713 diamondtee5web 540x359 Diamond Supply Summer 2011
20110713 diamondtee4web 540x359 Diamond Supply Summer 2011
20110713 diamondtee2web 540x359 Diamond Supply Summer 2011
20110713 20110713 diamondhatweb 540x359 Diamond Supply Summer 2011

The Brooklyn Circus Fall 2011 Teaser

brooklyn circus fall11 preview The Brooklyn Circus Fall 2011 Teaser
We get a first little teaser of the upcoming Brooklyn Circus Fall 2011 Collection. The store continues to develop great product and sticks to its heavily heritage inspired theme, while offering a refreshing take on classics. Their varsity jackets, here above the upcoming Fall version is being shown, continue to be some of our favorite every season.
Hopefully we can soon showcase more from the Fall 2011 Collection.

Flying Coffin Summer 2011 Collection

Flying Coffin Summer 2011 Collection
The Seattle brand Flying Coffin presents their new Summer 2011 Collection. As usual they offer a range of strong graphic t-shirts, mostly based around their logo. This season they added two caps, tank tops, as well as pocket t-shirts to the range.
The full collection can be seen after the jump.