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DREAMGIRLS: Shay Bombshell (Photos) | ThisIsTheDream

photo MILK: Shay Bombshell - 3
shayukbombshell 21 550x368 Dreamgirls: Shay Bombshell (Photos)
photo MILK: Shay Bombshell - 5

photo MILK: Shay Bombshell - 4
photo MILK: Shay Bombshell - 2

photo MILK: Shay Bombshell - 1

Billionaire Boys Club “Nothings” – New Colorways

Billionaire Boys Club "Nothings" Sneaker - New Colorways
The low top Billionaire Boys Club Nothings sneaker will be releasing this weekend in two new canvas colorways – light grey and orange. Both feature gum outer soles and a leopard pattern on the in-sole. The multi camo colorway can be seen here.
Take a look at the second colorway after the jump.

Billionaire Boys Club "Nothings" Sneaker - New Colorways
Billionaire Boys Club "Nothings" Sneaker - New Colorways

Air Jordan 5 Retro “Tokyo 23

Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro "Tokyo 23" Sneakers
Today the official Jordan Tokyo 23 website went online. Therefore we can also give you a clean and details look at the Air Jordan 5 Retro that was created for the occasion of the basketball tournament. This marks the first ever Jordan Brand Japan limited edition footwear. The tournament will run for two days, starting May 28th. All info on the tournament can be found here.
As for the sneaker, we all know yellow is not always easy. But we have to admit that we are into this one. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and you certainly have a highlight piece on you. Nevertheless the “Wolf Grey” Air Jordan 5 Retro is certainly the more timeless option.
More detailed images of the sneaker follow after the jump.

Stussy x Marvel “The Ultimate Teamup” Collection – Series One

Stussy x Marvel "The Ultimate Teamup" Collection
Today we get a first look at the much anticipated collaboration between Stussy and Marvel Comics. Entitled “The Ultimate Teamup”, the two have gotten together on a series of t-shirts for Summer 2011. The tees feature a mix of Marvel characters with iconic Stussy typography. The Stussy x Marvel Project will be available at, Stussy Chapter Stores and select retailers, starting April 27th with this Series One.

Stussy x Marvel - The Ultimate Teamup from Stussy on Vimeo.


- Lil Scrappy “Money In The Bank” Main lead
- Hot Rod “Rock with it” music video Main, lead
- FHM Magazine Dec 2006 layout
- Jim Jones “Emotionless” Main lead
- Black Men Magazine FEB 2007 issue 5page spread
- Fabolous “Return of the Hustle” music video Main lead

Dymond Xclusive-(Virginia)

Name: DyMond Scoby
Height: 5′5
Hair color:Brown
Hair length:Shoulder
Eye color:Brown
Ethnicity:Black/Puerto Rican
Skin color:Brown

Maegan Belle

[Eye Candy] Maegan Belle
Name: Maegan Belle
Modeling Name: Maegan Belle
Height: 5’9
Weight: 150
Measurements: 38D-28-43
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Teal
Ethnicity: Swedish/Cherokee
Skin color: Fair
Experience: Experienced
Compensation: Upon Request
MySpace Page:
Facebook Fan Page:
Model Mayhem Page:
Web Link:

Model Of The Day:Melissa Otero-(Connecticut)

Melissa Otero-(Connecticut)
Melissa Otero-(Connecticut)

Stephanie Tejada [Orlando, Florida]

Stephanie Tejada [Orlando, Florida]
Name:Stephanie Tejada
Modeling Name:Stephanie Tejada
Measurements: 34b,26 waist,36 hips
Hair color:dark brown
Hair length:very long
Eye color:brown
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican and Guatemalan
Skin color:Tan

Dj Gloss [Florida]

Dj Gloss [Florida]

Dj Gloss [Florida]

Name: Dj Gloss
Modeling Name:
Height: 5’5
Weight: 135
Measurements: 36,26,40
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Very Long
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Latina
Skin color: Brown
Compensation: Variable Per Project

Say Word: Dr.Dre & Snoop Dogg To Reunite For Memorial Day Weekend Concert In Miami?

i’m not even going to front, the shit has me pretty damn excited. I just received word from a “little birdie” that these two are in the works of planning a massive event during Memorial Day Weekend down in Miami, Florida.
Why? I’m not sure. But my source informed me that the logistics to the show are pretty much wrapped up and will be set in stone pretty soon. Again, I’m just as shocked as you are. I wish I had more information for you guys, but as of right now I don’t.
Could this concert breed a joint project between the two? Will Snoop get his wishes for an album produced entirely by Dr. Dre? Only time will tell. Spill your thoughts about this event in the comments section below.

The Soul Tape Listening Session

DayToday Season 4 ep. 1

Shaggy Feat Mavado – Girls Dem Love We VIDEO

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News: Nick Cannon Gives Out His Digits, "My Wife Is Going To Kill Me Over This"

   Television star/rapper Nick Cannon shocked fans and his wife this week after publicly announcing the private phone number during a live radio broadcast.

Cannon officially gave out the digits during a Thursday (April 21) airing.

    "Think before you speak." Clearly, Nick Cannon has never heard this saying before. Cannon was hosting his radio show on Apr. 21 and decided to drop his actual home phone number while on the air. Oh, and his pregnant wife Mariah Carey was on the line when he did it. She was not amused. "Fan-freakin'-tastic," Carey says after Cannon tells her what he did. (Zap 2 It)

After the announcement, Cannon considered the repercussions.

    Nick Cannon made a big mistake while joking around on his morning radio show Thursday (April 21), accidentally giving out his home phone number to listeners. The 30-year-old, who hosts a show on New York City's WXRK 92.3 NOW, gave out the number only to realize that it may have been a bad idea. "My wife is going to kill me over this," he tweeted after the incident. "Sometimes I get a little to [sic] carried away on the radio ... " (The Boom Box)

Cannon's ultimate goal was to prove his loyalty to fans.

    "Call me at anytime whatever's on your mind. I'm trying to prove that I love my people and I will do anything for you, so I want to prove a point! I'm going to give out my home phone number. The reason why I'm doing this is because I'm leaving on paternity leave whenever the babies are born and I want to stay in contact with my people. I'm gonna pick up 212-524-2998." (RumorFix)

Outside of digits, he is currently hosting a new weekly countdown music show.

    Nick Cannon - actor, stand-up comic, TV host, radio personality - is about to become a daddy. But that hasn't stopped his workaholic ways. He just keeps adding more to his plate. Starting Saturday morning, April 23, he will be heard locally on V-103 doing a new weekly syndicated countdown music show. You'll hear him do a top 20 urban music countdown. (He also does a pop version but not here.) (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

News: Jay-Z's Roc Nation Artist Arrested On Murder Charge

Rap mogul Jay-Z's Roc Nation artist K. Koke is reportedly facing an attempted murder charge dating back to an early March shooting.
Details of the situation emerged online Thursday (April 7) morning.
Kevin Georgiou, known as 'K Koke', has been remanded in custody accused of shooting a man in the back at Harlesden train station on March 9. The 25-year-old, who signed to the US music mogul's record label Roc Nation in January, was arrested after officers from British Transport Police (BTP) raided his home last week. He was subsequently charged and remanded in custody after appearing before City of Westminster Magistrates' Court last Saturday. Georgiou will make his next appearance at Blackfriars Crown Court on June 15. He is the fifth person to be charged in connection with the shooting of the 27-year-old. (Voice)
Last January, Koke officially joined forces with Jay's Roc Nation.
The deal is a joint venture contract between Koke's Suspect Entertainment label and Roc Nation/RCA and should definitely put the London native in front of many new potential fans in the upcoming months. Koke is from Stonesbridge, London and formed his company, Suspect Entertainment, with a pair of CEOs--Squingy and Krish--in 2005. Other artists involved include Froggy, Lefty, Grams, R9, Skeng, Capo, Bug, Gyro, Leokins, Lil Shan and others with equally puzzling names. (The Boom Box)
Koke recently discussed being a white rapper under Jay's watch.
"I don't see color as anything," he says. "I'm a product of my environment, but obviously I know what color I am. My whole estate is literally a different color to me, but we don't watch color, none of that. If you compare me to Eminem, that's love, because he's a legend, but all these other up-and-coming artists, especially these little white rappers coming up right now, they need to pay some respect and homage, because I made it okay for white boys to spit around here and that's certified sh*t. I don't run around saying, 'Yo! I'm the man', I don't go on like that. I released one mixtape and got signed, but I'm still humble. Stay humble and go through." (XXL Mag)
In late December, Jay also armed his Roc Nation roster with British singer Cher Lloyd.
Jay-Z is still building his artist arsenal and recently added 2010 "X-Factor" finalist Cher Lloyd to the roster. However, it wasn't easy for the helm of Roc Nation to bag the sassy rapper-slash-singer. The UK teen was in the midst of a friendly bidding war between Jay and Black Eyed Peas mastermind before she officially inked her deal. (VIBE)

Bobby Brown – The King of New Jack Swing

Bobby Brown has never been afraid to push the envelope – musically, artistically or socially. His sheer bravery and brash honesty are the very characteristics that make him “Bobby Brown” – a pioneering entertainer with over three decades of experience. From his successful debut in New Edition, the boy bad prototype for groups like New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men and the Backstreet Boys, to his multi-platinum career as a solo artist, Brown has left a mark on the music industry that can never be erased. 
On May 10, 2011, Bobby Brown’s fifth solo studio album – The Masterpiece – will be released via Brownhouse Entertainment and Fontana Distribution, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. In the midst of a promotional campaign for the album, Bobby Brown managed to squeeze some time out of his busy schedule and settle down for an interview with Clayton Perry – reflecting on fatherhood, the rise of music scene, and the profound influence of Louis Silas, Jr.  Having been in the entertainment industry for more than two decades, what do you consider to be your biggest contribution to the music landscape? 
Bobby Brown:  I look at myself as an ultimate and all-around artist, whether it be acting, performing, or writing music. And there are a lot of artists out there right now that have taken that step of broadening what entertainers do, especially when it comes to R&B singers. I'm not one to bite my tongue, and everybody knows that, so I appreciate everything that's out there right now. They're following the same blueprint that I was following: giving the people what they want. You can't skimp on the people. Once the people are happy, trust me, you'll be happy.  One major transition in your life, which is rarely discussed, is your move to Atlanta, Georgia – long before it became a major player in the music arena. 
Bobby Brown:  Yeah, I was there first!  Literally… 
Bobby Brown:  Yeah, literally. I'm proud of what Atlanta has become. They might not be proud of me, the officials there. I guess they didn't like how I was doing my thing. I made sure the music was alive and free in Atlanta. Once I opened my studio, I opened my studio to everyone. I opened my studio for everyone to be able to like music. I'm not one to hold anything back as far as allowing people to get ahead. They took it the wrong way, but I'm glad that the music scene has become what it has become in Atlanta; from Tray Deee to Jeezy; it all started when I got there. When Cameo was first there. The reason I moved there was because Larry Blackmon told me: "This is a hot music scene, man. This is going to be the future." When I did the song "Cameo," that was from my first album. In 1989, I was just like, "You know where I'm moving? I'm moving to Atlanta." And once I moved there, everything started blooming. I mean, everything – from restaurants to the Super Bowl. I'm thankful that I played a big part in that development.  One little known fact is that Outkast’s current music studio was formerly Bosstown. What life events led to its development and eventual sale?  
Bobby Brown:  Well, with Bosstown, I really needed a space, and I really needed a space for other acts to be able to create and express themselves. And that studio is my home, still. I'm glad I was able to give Outkast a chance to buy it, and once they got it, they did great things with it, and that's a good thing. I was leaving Atlanta anyways, so I needed an out. I really needed an out. L.A. came to me and said he wanted to buy it, and it was just a good thing to let it go. I wanted to start anew somewhere else. I'm in L.A., now, and it's beautiful. Everything is going well and I'm glad somebody talented has that studio, because talent went all through that studio, and that's all that was brought out of that studio.  As a young, up-and-coming artist, how important was it for you to have a space of your own? 
Bobby Brown:  It was great, because at the time, not many people of my age, or my caliber, were thinking about studios. But having a studiomade the recording experience easier for me and better for the people that wanted to become artists. Outkast, for example, worked out that studio many times. I guess once they realized that space had so much energy, they picked it up.  Over the course of your career, one name had a consistent presence in your liner notes: Louis Silas, Jr. What lasting impact did he have upon your musical career? 
Bobby Brown:  Well, the world is going to miss Louis Silas. Louis was a special individual – and he believed in art. He believed in the form of master mix. He believed in the form of making a good record and punishing it; not pushing it but punishing it. And that's what he did with "Don't Be Cruel." That's what he did with any record that I made with him. I named him executive producer because he was that. He went out and got the records. He went out and got the producers that I wrote with. And he was just a lot of fun to work with like Teddy Riley and L.A. and Babyface. Louis Silas did that. I didn't do that. Louis Silas did that. He was just a gentleman that really believed in music, and really trusted in the sounds that he heard from different individuals. And the sounds that you're going to hear from the people that I'm working with right now is a Louis Silas type of style. I know he's gone, but I know he's right there with me, working on this album, The Masterpiece. I'm just grateful, man, for Lou Silas.  I appreciate that insight. Although you are known as the “King of the Stage,” there is no denying that you are also the “King of New Jack Swing”! Since this genre is often cited as a fusion between hip hop and R&B, why do you think the two genres blended together so well? 
Bobby Brown:  Well, I came up in an era that was fascinated and dominated by hip-hop. But at my core, I was an R&B singer. So in my mind, there was no better way to bridge the gap. I loved hip-hop. I loved Grandmaster Flash. Grandmaster Flash is one of my idols, along with Rick James, Michael Jackson and James . So, I tried to mix all of them up. How do you do that? You build a sound, and the sound was new jack swing. Teddy Riley and I got into a studio in Harlem, in an apartment. We actually recorded "[My] Prerogative" in an apartment. I did the vocals out of a bathroom. So that was the texture, that was the style.  Oh, wow! I can't  count how many times that song been sampled or covered by artists. Britney Spears even titled her greatest hits set after the track! [laughing] 
Bobby Brown:  Yeah, that song has had a life of its own, but I'm just grateful that people want to cover any work that I've written or performed. It can't be anything else but a compliment for somebody to  want to do your music. Bobby Valentino just did a terrific cover of "Rock Wit'Cha" on his new album, [Fly on the Wall]. I think it's an honor. This is how I feel: “If you can do it, do it. Have fun doing it, and sell it right. Don't mess it up!” [laughing] As far as Britney Spears’ take on "My Prerogative" - that was a great check, but a terrible version of my song. Great video though! I loved the video. But I take it in stride, man, because it's one thing to love what you do, but it's another thing to love being who you are, and I love being who I am, for people to follow that and try to reduplicate it.  Some may find it hard to believe that you are only 42 years old. When you turned 40, in what ways did your perception about life, love and work change?  
Bobby Brown:  Let me say this: “I can still dance anybody into the ground!” [laughing]  I bet! [laughing] 
Bobby Brown:  Even though I'm a grandfather, I can still dance you into the ground! [laughing continues]  No challenges here! [laughing continues] In your experience, what do you think makes the perfect live show performance? 
Bobby Brown:  An artist has to know how to communicate with the audience. They also need to be able to establish a relationship with the audience while they are on the stage. That's the one thing I have always loved – performing. I'm just glad I can still move my legs. I'm glad I can still hit a note. I'm glad I can be able to bring people quality entertainment. That's one thing I value in stage performance: quality. You get your first reaction once you do something right, and fortunately, I do it right. That's why they call me the King of Stage.  This might come across a bit funny to you, but my very first memory of you as an actor was from a Disney Channel special, Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme. 
Bobby Brown:  Oh, yeah! [laughing] I played all three blind mice…  As you dabbled in the acting world, what similarities and differences did you find, when compared against the music world? 
Bobby Brown:  I think it's all just entertainment, dude. It's all entertainment. And if you're going to be an entertainer, you've got to be all-around. You've got to be able to give people laughter or whatever. Make them cry or whatever. That's what I'm here for, man. I'm here to entertain people, man. I'm not here to bulls**t. Music is one thing, but entertainment is the whole spectrum of what life is about. People need entertainment, and I'm just grateful that I'm able to do it.  Your forthcoming album is entitled The Masterpiece. At this point of your career, you have the rare opportunity to introduce yourself to new fans, as well as allow older ones to rediscover your music. How does it feel to be in this position? 
Bobby Brown:  The Masterpiece is made up of ten years of my life that I've lived through, from being married to divorced to drug problems that I'm rid of six years and seventy-eight days sober. So, I'm just hoping that they get the message that I'm an entertainer, I'm here to stay, and it's something that was put in me. It wasn't something that I went to school for. The Masterpiece is exactly what I am. I am an entertainer. I am Bobby Brown. I am. And that's it. I don't want nobody to take it no different than it is, because if you try to analyze it, and try to pick through it, then you're going to lose out on the entertainment part.  You can speak with so much confidence now, because your have lived an extraordinary life. But at what point did this confidence crystallize and lead you to pursue entertainment on a professional level? 
Bobby Brown:  I have to thank my mother, who I just lost a couple weeks ago.  Yes, I heard. My condolences. 
Bobby Brown:  Thank you. At the age of three, my mother put me on the stage with James Brown. He was performing. She just picked me up and put me on the stage. Why I was at a James Brown concert at the age of three, I do not know; but I was there and she put me on stage. I started dancing and I heard the crowd scream. I heard the crowd cheering me on. And from that moment, it was just like: “This is me. This is what I'm going to do. This is what I'm going to do. I'm going to look at a crowd every day of my life, if I possibly can.” It's only by God's wishes that I perfected my craft, and I'm still perfecting my craft. And that's what entertainers have to do. You have to perfect your craft. And I'm still working on me, and I'm trying to be better and better and better every day, but I know this is everything for me. It's me. I mean you look up "entertainer" in the book, in the dictionary, and you'll see my picture.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, it will be very hard for newer artists to follow in your footsteps, because a large number of them are manufactured. They are literally here one day and gone the next. What’s your take on the past and present shifts within the music industry? 
Bobby Brown:  Well, nobody grooms artists. These days, it's about a record. It's not about the artist. It's about a record, and we have to really grab hold of that, because these kids are going to end up rich and stupid, basically. If they think it's about just making money and getting out there and traveling and being on Lear jets, they're not thinking about the show. They're not thinking about performing for people. People in this country are very fickle. They like you one day and then they dislike you the next, so your craft is everything that you are. I work on myself every day. Every day. And I don't know. I'm thankful that I'm able to do what I do and I hope they're thankful for what they're doing. But I would tell them to just perfect your craft and trust in entertainment. Trust in yourself, because yourself can get you in trouble. Trust in what your craft is, and that's entertainment.  Outside the world of entertainment, you also have the important task of being a father. In what ways has fatherhood guided your life decisions? 
Bobby Brown:  Me being a father is so many things. Me being a father is me taking care of myself at forty years old. Me going to the doctor regularly to make sure that I'm healthy. I have a twenty-month-old son, so he keeps me so f**king energized, so alert and so ready to do anything in life. So that keeps me going, man. My oldest son, who is twenty-five just gave me my first grandchild!  Congratulations! 
Bobby Brown:  …so I’m a grandfather, too! [laughing] Now, I've really got to stay up on my pimpin'. I've really got to stay up on my game. He's a musician as well – and he keeps me motivated. All of my kids are into music. So they keep me focused. And when they have new things that they want to say and new things they want to sing about, it reminds me about everything that I love.  
For more information on Bobby Brown, visit his official website and “follow” him via Twitter [@KingBobbyBrown].



These Canadians keep messing with our artists! What's up Canada!? Do you want us there or not? The Game is the latest to get caught up in the Web of Immigration! Shout out to for the heads up! Give them a visit!

Steve Nash gets lap-dance from Nicki Minaj (original)


Apparently so! At a recent press conference, TP said:

"I'm so sick of hearing about damn Spike Lee. Spike can go straight to hell! You can print that. I am sick of him talking about me, I am sick of him saying, 'this is a coon, this is a buffoon.' I am sick of him talking about black people going to see movies. This is what he said: 'you vote by what you see,' as if black people don't know what they want to see."

Previously, Spike Lee said:

"Each artist should be allowed to pursue their artistic endeavors, but I still think there is a lot of stuff out today that is coonery and buffoonery. I know it's making a lot of money and breaking records, but we can do better. ... I am a huge basketball fan, and when I watch the games on TNT, I see these two ads for these two shows (Tyler Perry's 'Meet the Browns' and 'House of Payne'), and I am scratching my head. We got a black president, and we going back to Mantan Moreland and Sleep 'n' Eat?"


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Common To Produce and Star In New Indie Flick 'L.U.V.'

Rapper Common will star in a new independent movie being filmed titled "L.U.V."

Common will play a troubled ex-con who finds companionship with his shy, 13-year-old nephew, who is in search of his family.

“Vincent is a uniquely conflicted character,” Common said of his latest role. “I found an appeal in his desire to move past his failures and onto the right track, and the challenges that presents.”

A number of well known stars round out the cast for "L.U.V.," which also stars Danny Glover, Charles S. Dutton, Michael K. Williams, Meagan Good and others.

Common also serves as a producer of "L.U.V.," which is being co-produced in association with FilmForward Independent, Bijelonic/Turner Films and Stony Island Films.

"L.U.V." will mark the feature directorial debut of Sheldon Candis, who also wrote the script for the flick, which also stars newcomers Marz Lovejoy and Michael Rainey Jr.

"Finding an undiscovered talent like Michael Rainey Jr. doesn’t happen often enough," said producer Gordon Bijelonic. "The dynamic between his Woody and Common’s Vincent brings an amazing energy to the project.”

"L.U.V." is slated to start production next week.

Attorney Generals In 17 States Call For Ban On Snoop's 'Blast' Drink

The Attorney Generals of 17 states in the U.S. are calling on Pabst Brewing Company to decrease the alcohol content of Blast by Colt 45, a new controversial drink endorsed by rapper Snoop Dogg. Illinois' Attorney General Lisa Madigan said the drink promotes abuse and "binge drinking" amongst young people, due to the packaging, flavors and the inclusion of Snoop as a spokesman for the drink. The AG's believe Pabst Brewing Company is purposely marketing the drink to underaged children, although reps for Pabst maintain that Blast by Colt 45 strictly for those over the legal drinking age of 21. “Alcohol abuse among young people is a serious and alarming epidemic,” Illinois' Attorney General Lisa Madigan said in a statement. “A product like this only serves to glamorize alcohol abuse and promote binge drinking, threatening the safety of those consuming it.” According to Madigan, a single can of Blast is equivalent to almost five servings of alcohol.

New Video: Nas & Damian Marley “Nah Mean”

Game Resurfaces Onstage at Lil Wayne Concert

Murder Inc Reunion: Lloyd, Ja Rule & Ashanti Perform In NYC

Diddy Brings Out Black Rob, Q-Tip & Faith

Last night, Puff brought his Dirty Money Coming Home Tour back to his birthplace. After the train music departed, the show really picked up with Mr. Combs bringin’ out some of his old friends and former Bad Boy artists. Black Rob drops “Woah” above. And below a lil Tribe flavor, Biggie’s old lady, and brief appearances by Jim Jones and Lil Cease. Oh what a night.

GOBLIN: Thurnis Haley Golf Wang

Tyga - Real Or Fake [Official Video]

Kid Cudi announces new Band and Label name

Like he did the night before, Cudder returned to the Roseland Ballroom in NYC last night. Above he announced the title of his new label, Wicked Awesome Records and also his new band, 2 Be Continuum. Last February, the G.O.O.D. music artist parted ways with his former label, Dream On. “I’ve only been playing guitar for 9 months but the records are epic, epic, I’m really excited. We gunna have that first single for you soon.”