Thursday, April 1, 2010

Agallah the don on the deal b e t at 3 am dont miss it

Agallah the don will be on bet later tonite @ 3 am please support ya
boy and watch that 16 I spit and more agallah the don on the deal bet
so show love shout to vado,young chris and push montana on the last
taping we all went in this one is me dolo w my homie super who
directed it and my man and sean price have one as well u
can check it out
Agallahs new song "I'm On One" produced by Agallah is that new wave
you need right now club djs spin this please/
And a freestyle off of drakes "over" def shows ag can still hang w
these young boys and ag is 7 years younger than jay z so he has the
best of both worlds in his hands propain campain 4 life salute to all
of you! May all your dreams come true!

/ / Agallah- Over freestyle (dirty) /Agallah-I'M On One (dirty)

for clean please request

PhotoOp: Dr. Dre X Jay-Z

Video: Cam’ron X Vado – XXL Freshman 10 Concert

“Pac and Big gone…They no more. Only thing you can hear is they voice, my nigga, and you know what they voice telling me? You gotta keep it moving, man. Fuck the dumb shit…I’m four albums in. How many albums Big have, two? He ain’t make it that far. So I’m already ahead of the game.”

“I feel like the last Mohican dawg…I feel like the last man standing. I done seen it, I done done it. I done smelt it…I know what I am. But I know what I’m not about to become. I gotta stand for something, man. Who better?”

Video: Lil Wayne Video Warning: “Ya’ll in Trouble”

In this previously unreleased clip from the Nino Brown Story DVD, Lil Wayne gives a warning to other MC’s.

“I swear to God,” Wayne insisted. “It’s all right. I’m telling you, rappers now, you better get it up while I’m not feeling it like that. Once I start feeling it like that, y’all in trouble. Right now, I’m rappin’ right now because y’all ain’t heard me in a minute. I don’t really feel it like that. But my artists though … psssh. They’ll eat you n—as’ lunch. We superstars. We don’t battle. We don’t want to be compared to nobody. I teach, I preach and I [lead by example]. Superstars. We breed superstars. I teach them how to be superstars first. You don’t wanna be a rapper, you don’t wanna be a singer, you wanna be a superstar. Therefore you don’t have to rap nor sing. You can do whatever, because you a superstar. It’s easier.”

Uh huh..You can’t deny Lil Wayne is a star and Drake and Nicki have star potential though their staying power remains to be seen. The rest of them? Iouno maybe its just me but this doesn’t xactly scream superstar to me. *Mel Shrug*

[Video] A-Mafia - 1000 Grams

Video: Nicki Minaj ft. Sean Garrett- Massive Attack