Friday, September 30, 2011

The Shawn Carter foundation

Do you wanna ride? Well last night, Jay-Z hosted his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation carnival in NYC’s Pier 54. The Making The Ordinary Extraordinary event cost $1,000 a ticket and benefited the organization, which launched in 2002 to help socio-economic hardships further education at institutions of higher learning.

Guests included Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez, the foundation’s CEO and Jay’s mother, Gloria Carter and of course Gloria’s warrior, who briefly spoke on the event above.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shantel Jackson aka Miss Jackson GOES ALL OUT For Her Man Floyd Mayweather -- Gets A TATTOO!!

Deelishis After POUNDING OUT 50 MASSIVE Squats!!


OMG! Sultry Simone vs Jenna Shea vs Tae Heckard vs Ashley Logan!!


Meet roc nations newest star RITA ORA

Now that J. Cole is out the gate, Roc Nation’s Rita Ora goes up to bat. The 20-year-old singer introduces herself to the world in her new video diary series, promising to show the good, bad, and ugly. Ora, who moved from Kosovo to England at a young age, takes us to the Notting Hill area of London where she frequents and to the studio as she records her debut.

“Rita’s been hiding for too long, this is now time to show you all why I’m on Roc Nation,” says the blonde bombshell, who’s been working on her album with heavy-hitters including Drake, The-Dream, Tricky Stewart, and Stargate. Listen to her song “R.I.P.” in the background.

If you want to hear more, Rita is taking requests. She will sing a suggested topic each week as part of her ongoing “Lullaby” series.

Jay-Z To Help Design Nets New Uniforms

  Jay-Z To Help Design Nets New Uniforms
After announcing a series of concerts to open up the Nets new arena in Brooklyn next year, Jay-Z is still at work as an NBA executive.
According to reports, the rapper/business mogul will help design the soon to be Brooklyn Nets' new basketball uniforms.
"Jay Z, Adidas and the Nets are currently ironing out a logo for the Brooklyn Nets and deciding what colors their uniforms should be," officials said.
"No matter what, the logo will feature Brooklyn prominently because the club wants to tap into the borough's world-popular brand name."
Officials also stated that they flirted with the idea of renaming the team the Brooklyn Dodgers, after the baseball franchise that once called Brooklyn home. Luckily they decided that was a bad idea.
The Brooklyn Nets will begin their 2012-13 season in the Barclays Center arena.

tionna-smalls meeka-claxton somaya-reece misa hylton/

Warning: This post may contain individuals you find irrelevant. Management is not liable for misplaced, lost or stolen damns beyond this point. Proceed with caution.

Celebrity stylist Misa Hylton and fallen ‘Basketball Wives’ cast member Meeka Claxton joined ‘What Chilli Wants’ resident relationship guru Tionna Smalls at her Brooklyn-based accessories boutique Loveys for the store’s first shop-and-sip event on Saturday. ‘Love and Hip Hop’ brolic babe Somaya Reece round out the VH1 celebreality super group.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kreayshawn Nude Pics Leaked!!

kreayshawn nude 1

Ah man. The hackers got Kreay on the biggest night of her career! The MTV VMA Best New Artist nominee (and loser…sorry girl LOL) was hacked shortly after the awards aired. The hackers first wrote a racial slur and then proceeded to leak a total of 4 nude pics of the emcee. They don’t seem too recent since her hair is much longer…but they don’t look that old either! Yikes! The tweets have since been deleted but the damage is done! You know IFWT got the pics!!
ifwt kreayshawn nude 4

ifwt kreayshawn nude 3

ifwt kreayshawn nude 2

Want to See What Angela Simmons Looks Like When She Wakes Up??

If you can look THIS good as soon as you roll out of bed, you know you’re fierce!!

Juelz Santana, Jim Jones And @SlowBucks_TV Go Jewelry Shopping

Check out Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Slo from Slowbucks doing some jewelry shopping.

Reebok Easytone - Dialog (make your boobs jealous)

Girl Goes To See Her Mother’s Body One Last Time At The Morgue, Discovers She Is Actually Alive

A woman who was in the hospital for pneumonia, without vital signs, they pronounced her dead and sent her body to the morgue. Her daughter then went to see her, and as she is going to give her a hug she woke up.

But she wasn’t dead, AFP reports.
The Associated Press translated comments Rosangela Celestrino, Celestrino de Assis’ daughter, gave Brazilian newspaper O Globo after she went to visit her mother for what she thought was one last time.
From The Associated Press, via The New Zealand Herald:
“I went to give my mom one last hug, and I could feel that she was breathing. I screamed out – my mom is alive! And they all looked at me like I was crazy,” Rosangela Celestrino, the patient’s daughter, told the paper.
“Not only did I have to go collect my mom from a cold storage drawer at the morgue, but when I got there, I find her still breathing,” Celestrino went on.
By this time, Rosa Celestrino had already spent two hours in a plastic bag in the morgue’s refrigerator, CBS News reports.
According to ABC News, the doctor who pronounced that Celestrino de Assis was dead has resigned. The nurse who initially checked her vital signs was fired.

LA Firefighters In Trouble For Filming Porn While On The Job

Los Angeles firefighters are under investigation for allegedly taking part in porn movies on the job. Fire trucks were used as a backdrop for a porn scene, while the firefighters watched.

This is the second city department this year where employees have been investigated for alleged involvement in porn movies while on duty.
In April, NBC4 LA revealed how two LA traffic cops from the LA Department of Transportation appeared in a porn movie. LAFD insiders recently tipped off NBC4 LA that several firefighters allowed porn producers to use their fire engines in two adult movies that are available on one of the world’s biggest porn websites.
If participation by the firefighters is proven true, it is a violation of department policy, Moore said.
In one of the movies, shot at Venice Beach, LAFD Engine 263 is used as the backdrop by an actress performing lewd acts.
“Look at this fire truck,” says porn actress Charley Chase, as she climbs on the engine and repeatedly exposes herself. “Isn’t that nice?”
It appears that a group of firefighters are watching the movie being shot.
“I know them,” one man says on camera in the reality-style porn flick. “I’m a firefighter.”
Firefighters “set it all up ahead of time” with “the film crew” because they thought it was “good, clean fun,” an insider told NBC4 LA.
In the movie, Engine 263 is parked in two disabled spots — a violation of department policy — apparently so the porn producers could use the truck.
For several minutes of the movie, the actress appears to have free access to the engine, and asks numerous passersby to fondle her.
“Look, I think we have more friends,” she says, as a group of men stop to fondle the actress.
“Zero tolerance for that,” said Capt. Tina Haro, an LAFD spokeswoman.

candids day 2 set rihannas love video

Withstanding the drama surrounding her exposed titty cannons and one angry farmer Curry Goat took to the streets of Northern Ireland for Day 2 of filming for the “We Found Love” video shoot and to be, well, different and stuff. So young, so pretend angry.

Chick From Bad Girl’s Club Released From Jail With Tracking Device (fellas check the pic!!)

Catya Washington from Bad Girls Club was arrested last month on some crazy gun and drug charges. She has finally been released, and with what better parting “gift” than a tracking device. She’s on house arrest and has an ankle bracelet…always fun! She goes back to court Dec. 13 to find out the next steps.

(Fellas Check The Pic) Another Reason Why People Are Obsessed With Sex

Trey Songz, Ne-Yo and T-Pain hooked up at Diamond’s of Atlanta

Trey Songz, Ne-Yo and T-Pain hooked up at Diamond’s of Atlanta on Tuesday for Bottoms Night Out (yes, you read that right) to film the visuals for their strip club collaborative anthem, “The Way You Move.” And who says that butch queens can’t rise and overcome without petty shit taking place? Hit up ATLPICS.NET for more behind-the-scenes flicks!