Tuesday, August 16, 2011

*EXCLUSIVE* Big Sean Brings Out Kanye West During First London Show

Video] Big Sean x Kanye West – Marvin & Chardonnay (Live In London)

(video) Statik Selektah & Scram Jones in the studio.... and scratching!


KANYE WEST OTHER OTHER BENZ from Creative Control on Vimeo.

B.o.B - High Life - Offical Video


Swizz Beatz Named VP For Lotus Cars

While most folks are still struggling to find work, Swizz Beatz some how manages to acquire new jobs. This time, he’s been named Vice President of Creative Design and Global Marketing for Lotus Cars. According to their job description, Swizz was the right man for the job. Fuck school.

So what makes Swizz Beatz the perfect man to add to the Lotus line-up? Three little facts:
1. Like Group Lotus , he means business: He’s a risk taker with considerable credentials including music producer, rapper, designer AND painter.
2. Like our cars, he’s multi award winning: This year he shared a Grammy Award with Jay-Z.
3. Like Group Lotus he keeps good company: This man regularly works with the likes of Bono, Kanye West, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys.

T.I. Final Message From Prison

It’s almost that time again which Tip is released from prison. But before that happens, he lets flies his final kite which you can read below.
What up world? This will be my last message from Forrest City. Just reaching out and sending my love, respect and appreciation to all who have been ridin’ with me throughout this chapter in my life and not just recently but since all the things started happening one after another back in ’06. From Big Phil’s murder to my beautiful little angel Leiah being called home to heaven, to my arrest in ’07, the 1st prison sentence in ’09, to this last journey that I’m nearing the end of. A lot of people who are aware of all that has happened to me in my life say that there aren’t many men who could have endured and withstood so much pain, pressure and turmoil while managing to remain sane and keep their wits about them. I must say that I wouldn’t have been able to do so without God’s grace and having a strong support system behind me every step of the way. So often we spend time acknowledging the presence of “haters” and all the negativity they send our way but we don’t take the time to acknowledge and appreciate all the ones who love and support us and supply us with the positive energy we need to overcome. We complain about the pain so much that we don’t even notice how much stronger, wiser and better of a person the suffering has allowed us to become. I heard Pac say once “To live is to suffer and to survive is to find meaning in that suffering.” I later found out it came from an author by the name of Friedrich Nietzsche. When I heard Pac say that it was just some hard shit to hear your favorite rapper say before he kicked a verse. Now that I’ve gone through it and grown from it those words have a real true meaning to me. I know this won’t be my last battle with adversity but it has truly prepared me for whatever else may come in the future. For that also I’m thankful. Now it goes without saying that I hate I had to come back to prison for these 10 months but I am truly grateful for the knowledge, growth and understanding I’ve received from the experience.
Next time you hear from me I’ll be back out there with you. Doing for those who can’t do for themselves and speaking for those whose voices are never heard. When I touch down, I’m going all the way back to square one, like I’m fresh in the game and never sold a record. Back on some I’M SERIOUS, TRAP MUZIK shit… But until then RESPECT to all who deserve it. I’ll be back at you in a minute.

Thurnis At Yoga

New Music: Ne-Yo “She Uses Me (Masturbation)”

Ne-Yo will be releasing 1 record every week until he drops his mixtape. This time he decides to borrow Kelly Rowland’s ‘Motivation’ and absolutely destroys it.

Aziz Ansari On “Otis” Video Cameo

Not only does Aziz Ansari have a new movie in theaters, but he also made a cameo in The Throne’s new video. He spoke with Hov’s site about his appearance in the clip.
Life+Times: Your new movie is in theaters and you make a cameo appearance in a JAY Z/Kanye video, are you having your best summer ever?
Aziz Ansari
: It’s been pretty good. I also had a really tasty donut for breakfast. Things are going my way.

L+T: There’s a part in the “Otis” video where you seem to be pantomiming Ye’s lyrics as he stands on top of that Maybach, did Spike tell you to do that or were you just in the moment?
: Spike just told me to be their hypeman and do whatever I felt like doing, so that was in the moment.

L+T: Did you receive a custom Watch The Throne commemorative watch?
: Nah, that was just for the producers. I got a Watch the Throne commemorative beer cozy made for myself though.