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Drake's Lyricism Is On The Come-Up, Says Boi-1da [Video]

Music producer Boi-1da recently updated fans on Drake's forthcoming Take Care sophomore album and said the difference compared to his debut may boil down to overall growth.
Boi said Drizzy's growth as a lyricist will really be noticed on the new LP.
While he remained tight lipped about details surrounding the highly-anticipated project, he did describe how the Young Money star has evolved as an artist. "He was already extraordinary. I just think he's grown as a lyricist and become a better rapper, although he was a great rapper before," the Canadian producer told Rap-Up TV. "Everything just sounds better. He's evolved as an artist." (Rap-Up TV)
Last week, Boi spoke on his chemistry alongside Drake.
Boi-1da gave us the details on how amazing Drake's new album is going to be, and Drake's reaction to all of the beats he has produced for "Take Care." Boi-1da had this to say about Drake, "He just had the same reaction as always. He just snaps and gets into a zone and starts writing. Sometimes he doesn't even say nothing he just goes, Ugh! Ugh! He gives me a grunt and it's a wrap from there. You just know." (Global Grind)
Drake recently announced plans to drop a new single this month.
"The single's dropping a week-and-a-half, two weeks. It'll be fun. It's going to be a blast," Drake told FADER writer Judnick Mayard. "It's great. I'm really excited about it. Just trying out different things, different sounds, different flows... We're all in a really great place in our lives just as a team, the team's coming together. 40's doing really well. We've got new editions. We have this affiliation with The Weeknd. It's really great. He's on the album a bunch. I'm excited about it just for the people to hear the evolution of the music." (The FADER)
Aside from a new record called "Trust Issues," Drake put out his "Marvin's Room" song in June.
Get excited, Drake fans. According to his website, his sophomore album, Take Care, is due out in October and we should be hearing the first single in July. And if that isn't enough for y'all, he has also come through with a brand-new track called "Marvin's Room." It's far less rap-heavy than "Dreams Money Can Buy" and instead features Drizzy throwing on his R&B sad-man/storyteller hat throughout the nearly six-minute-long track. The result is a pretty epic cut that includes a track-ending piano solo and producer Noah "40" Shebib's trademark watery 808s. A single this is not, but I'll be d*mned if it won't make for a killer deep cut. (Prefix Mag)
Check out Boi-1da's interview below:

50 Cent On Amber Rose's Graphic Pics, "You Gotta Have Intention To Have A Picture Taken W/ Your Fingers In..." [Audio]

G-Unit's 50 Cent has become the latest celebrity to weigh in on model Amber Rose's leaked graphic nude photos and said the images provide more press than damage.
50 also considered Rose's ultimate motive behind the graphic photos.
"At least it didn't look bad," 50 told DJ Whoo Kid when asked for his reaction to Rose's leaked photos. "It looked good. Let me tell you something. Things like that don't hurt, that's promotion. That's publicity. You got to look at who a person was. [If it was] someone who came in that was completely, let's say, conservative, that would be a damaging blow...That was a camera that took those photos, that ain't no camera phone. You gotta know, you gotta have intention to have a picture taken with your fingers in your p*ssy. That may be interesting for you because you've been watching her -- because you saw her with Kanye [West]. [The other celebrity leaks,] those are telephone pictures. Look, if you have your picture taken of you when you're not aware of it, that's one thing. If you're taking a picture randomly, it's spontaneous, [it's] a camera picture. Her shoes change in the picture. It's different shoes. That means you're conscious, got up, changed the shoes and did it with a camera. You thought about it. So maybe she's taking the pictures for her significant other, maybe it's Wiz Khalifa's joint." (Shade 45)
The photos also caught the attention of R&B singer Chris Brown earlier in the week.
"Just saw the amber rose pics! OMG!!!!!! Looks great..," he tweeted June 28th. (Chris Brown's Twitter)
Newly signed Chicago Bulls player Rasual Butler co-signed the leaked images a few days ago.
"So what do u guys think of the Amber Rose pictures? I think or all I will say is on woooooooowwwww!," he tweeted 28th. (Rasual Butler's Twitter)
Following the leak, Rose released a statement addressing the situation.
"I was gonna wait until my radio show to address this but I want to say this now. I trusted someone that worked 4 me & allowed them to use my laptop a million times, I caught this person sending my pics to themselves and I fired this person immediatelyWiz [Khalifa] & I & both of our families have known about this for 2 months now. We tried to prepare ourselves for this day. Those pictures r 2 1/2 years old just sitting in mycomputer. I'm really hurt & embarr#!@%*#ed because I have so many young girls that look up to me. I would never put those pics out of myself." (TMI)
Check out 50 Cent's interview below:

Game Invites Rappers To write a New Verse For "Pot of Gold"

Game - Ain't No Doubt About It (Ft. Justin Timberlake & Pharrell) Offici...

N.O.R.E. & Pharrell In The Lab

You found Manuel Noriega? In the Philippines? No, it was N.O.R.E. and last night he was in the lab with Pharrell and Jay Sean while working on his album. S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G. coming soon.

New Music: Max B “Phone Check”

Though Biggaveli won’t be out soon like we all thought he was, Charly Wingate dials in from the NJ State Pen with a new freestyle over CNN’s “Phone Time“. Owww.

N*E*R*D @ The House Of Blues NewOrleans

Kanye West & Jay-Z Watch The Throne Cover ?

We got to watch the rumors, but according to the folks over at MediaTakeOut, this is what they believe Jay and Ye’s cover art will appear like when it really drops. The saga continues.

Redman Talks Fireworks In NY Times

With the Fourth Of July being tomorrow, there are still four states in the U.S. that continue to ban fireworks. In an article in the New York Times, Reggie speaks on having to leave Jersey to purchase his explosives.
“My father took me to buy fireworks, and now I’m doing it for my kids,” said Reggie Noble, who was filling his cart with fireworks at the Phantom Fireworks in Easton one day this week. Mr. Noble, 41, who is better known as the rap artist Redman, said it did not make much sense that he cannot buy fireworks in New Jersey, where he lives.“I can see the dangers they are trying to prevent, but it’s still happening,” he said. “I vote that they should lift it up.”

"Watch The Throne" Rumored To Drop In August With Single Coming Soon & Tour

Fans of Hip-Hop stars Jay-Z and Kanye may finally get a collaboration album this month, as "Watch The Throne" is now rumored to drop in mid August.
Although many people have been reporting the release to be on the 4th of July, according to their camps that is in fact a rumor.
The album's first single, “H.A.M.,” dropped in January and earlier this month the tracklist for the album was released. The album will feature collaborations with Beyonce and Bruno Mars.
According to Ryan Seacrest, it looks like we can expect some new music around July 11th.
The full record will probably coming out in mid-August with a potential tour to follow.
While all of this is according to Ryan who recently spoke with their camp, maybe Ye and Jay will pull a Radiohead and drop the album unexpectedly.

Sexy Sunday With Raven Athena

Permanent Link to Bangin Candy: Sexy Sunday With Raven Athena
Since showing you some previous pictures from the sexy Raven Athena, Raven has been conquering magazines and websites everywhere including a spread in the recent King Magazine issue.
Now, Raven prepares for an upcoming shoot with 50 Cent for Smooth Magazine and has given us a sneak peak of what we can expect from the absolutely gorgeous young lady.
If you like what you see, peep the more tab to see more of Raven, and go pick up the latest King Magazine with Amber Rose on the cover to give your wall some Athena eye candy!

Killer Sues Jail For $50 Million For Calling Him An "Inmate"

Gerard Domond says the term "Inmate" is offensive, implies that he "mates with men"

A man convicted of killing someone in a drug deal gone wrong is suing New York state for $50 million, saying he is being 'stigmatized' by being called an 'inmate'.
According to Gerard Domond, 49,  the term inmate implies he was "mating with other men" and is causing him "mental anguish."
Speaking to the New York Post, his sister Marie Domond who is acting as the family lawyer says the term,
"Implies that our brother is locked up for the purpose of mating with other men."
She adds,
"The suggestive nature of the word is disgraceful. This cruel psychological programming has weighed heavily on our emotional and psychological well-being. It's something that's bothered me for a long time. I couldn't understand why no one recognized that somebody being labeled an inmate, why they wouldn't recognize that. To me it just sounded very wrong."
Domond is seeking $50 million in damages.
He is currently serving 25 years to life in state prison for shooting a man in the head back in 1987.

Forget Lil Wayne; 10 Rappers Who REALLY Need To Retire

Lil Wayne made headlines recently as retirement talk was discussed in his upcoming cover feature of XXL.
However, while Lil Wayne knows that he can't continue to rap forever, he may need to tell some of his fellow emcees the same thing.
Not just based off of age but skills as well, it's time for some of these rappers to hang up the mic once and for all and move on with their lives.
Peep the page #'s below to see which emcees we think need to start looking into their 401 K.

"I was thinking bout her, thinking bout me. Thinking bout us, what we gonna be."
You should probably start thinking about calling it quits my man.
I know at one point you were "#1," but now you're just embarrassing yourself at boxing events.
Maybe you can move to Florida with Ashanti and do some more fitness tapes.

Yung Berg

When you're known more from being the punching bag of Hip-Hop than your actual may be time to hang up the mic.
Some people aren't just cut out for this game..and THIS is a clear indication you aren't.
Lil Kim

I'm not quite sure who took Kim's calendar away from her but someone make sure she knows it's the year 2000 and irrelevant.
I'm glad that you got your name out there by picking beef with the most popular female rapper out right now, but you're too old for this.
Making sprite cans disappear in your mouth at 36?  It's time to delete that paypal account!
 Bow Wow
I know you think you are too young to give up on Hip-Hop but Hip-Hop may have given up on you my dude.
You've had a hell of a career and one that is longer than most of the rappers out here will ever have.
But when we talking gun play and gang banging now, NO ONE BELIEVES THAT! We've watched you since you were like 9 homie! #cmonson...
Get that movie money!
LL Cool J

The album "Exit 13" came out 3 years ago and I hope that really was your exit LL.
You've starred in tons of movies, tv shows, and have even wrote children books, why are you still contemplating rapping?
At the age 43 most parents are nagging to their children about the "crappy" music they listen to, and you're still trying to make it!


One hot verse doesn't allow you to have a 15-20 year career in rapping.
While you've also explored into singing and using Major Lazer drum kits with Swizz Beatz, what are you really trying to accomplish?
You're in Forbes magazine and changing your name to "Swag" because you think that's cool?
Rev Run is letting his children take over, try the same.


I shouldn't even have to go into details about this one.
Although Diddy may or may not of screwed you over (most likely may of) you are a free man now with endless possibilities.
Go enjoy life Po, Mazel Tof!!!

Soulja Boy

When you start stealing people's style and lyrics, it may be time to call it quits.
Keeping yourself relevant from social media through rants, cooking videos, and whatever else you can do to draw attention, it seems you're headlines are always negative ones.
Although you were one of the forefathers of the "Getting signed off the Internet" era, Hip-Hop has moved on and you should too.

At 85 years old, you have a gigantic star on your head and for some reason you're still rapping.
You are head of one of the most successful labels in Hip-Hop today, and obviously making enough dough to buy a 7 million dollar car every other week.
So why you're still rapping is always going to be a mystery to me PLAYBOY!