Friday, January 21, 2011

¡MAYDAY! (Feat. Cee Lo Green, Mack Maine & Ghostwridah) -- Groundhog Day...

Tipset Sampler - T.I vs Dipset Mixtape [DJ Simon Sez & DJ Set It Off]

Tipset Sampler - T.I vs Dipset Mixtape [DJ Simon Sez & DJ Set It Off]

Mac Miller: "I don't wanna be known my whole life as Wiz Khalifa's Lil H...

Rostrum Records upcoming act Mac Miller hit the School of Rock in Hackensack, NJ while on the “KIDS” tour. Good*Fella Media had a chance to have a sit down with Mac after the show. Mr. Miller spoke about; living his dream, advice to anyone pursuing music as a career, being co-signed by some of the major music forum out there (Vibe, Complex, XXL), being surprised about the hype, what age & who was the first person you smoked with, how significant is weed in his every day life and will he ever be able to give it up, his relationship with Wiz Khalifa, why Wiz is his big brother, and what Taylor Gang means to him. – Good*Fella

Mac Miller: "I don't wanna be known my whole life as Wiz Khalifa's Lil H...

Lil Wayne Covers Rolling Stone x “Talks about Prison”

Eventually his cellmates stopped inviting him to games. “They’d be like, ‘Oh, we thought you were asleep,’” Wayne says. “Like you can’t look inside my cell and see that I’m right there! We ain’t got no doors!” – Rolling Stone

Marsha Ambrosius – Late Nights & Early Mornings (Cover)

Marsha Ambrosius‘ is about to release her forth album, Late Nights & Early Mornings, which hits the shelves March 1st. Hit the jump to see the official tracklist.

1. “Anticipation” (Intro)
2. “With You”
3. “Late Nights & Early Mornings”
4. “Hope She Cheats on You (With a Basketball Player)”
5. “Far Away”
6. “Lose Myself”
7. “Your Hands”
8. “I Want You to Stay”
9. “Sour Times”
10. “Tears”
11. “Chasing Clouds”
12. “The Break Up Song” Jim_Jones-We_Represent_(Feat._Omega)_[Prod._By_Jahlil_Beats]-.mp3 Jim_Jones-We_Represent_(Feat._Omega)_[Prod._By_Jahlil_Beats]-.mp3

Produced by Jhalil Beats. Some of this record is in Spanish. Let’s hope you paid attention in high school instead of just remembering curse words if not here’s a a review. The_Script-Walk_Away_(Remix)_(Feat._B.o.B)-.mp3 The_Script-Walk_Away_(Remix)_(Feat._B.o.B)-.mp3 T.I.-Follow_Your_Dreams_(Feat._Shun_Hendrix).mp3 T.I.-Follow_Your_Dreams_(Feat._Shun_Hendrix).mp3

This has a positive message but its probably the worst song from T.I “No Mercy” album. Maybe that’s why it was held onto until recently. It released as a bonus track on iTunes. Cam'ron_&_Vado-And_You_Don't_Stop-.mp3 Cam'ron_&_Vado-And_You_Don't_Stop-.mp3 Talib_Kweli-Gutter_Rainbows_[Prod._By_M-Phazes]-DJL2.mp3 Talib_Kweli-Gutter_Rainbows_[Prod._By_M-Phazes]-DJL2.mp3 Talib_Kweli-Uh_Oh_(Feat._Jean_Grae)_[Prod._By_Oh_No]-DJL2.mp3 Talib_Kweli-Uh_Oh_(Feat._Jean_Grae)_[Prod._By_Oh_No]-DJL2.mp3 NOE-True_Gees_(Feat._Sawke)-DJL2.mp3 NOE-True_Gees_(Feat._Sawke)-DJL2.mp3

Lil Cease ft. Chinx Drugz - Own Man

* Video: Gist The Essence ft. Cocoa Sarai - Roller Coaster

* Video: Neef Buck - Alone Make Me

* Buckshot On How To Make A Record

Questlove - What's In My Bag?

Diplomats & Vado Live On MTV Rap Fix Right Now

TDK Chronicles: Nas

-Nasir Jones.
8 minutes of dopeness for anyone who is from the audio cassette era.
I can vividly remember taping everything from Red Alert on KISS FM, Marley Marl & Mister Magic (RIP) on WBLS, P-Fine on 89.1 and Stretch & Bobbito on 105.9.
Those were the days for me. I can remember using scotch tape to bond broken audiocassette tape together on tapes that “popped”.
I can remember transplanting audio tape from one cassette housing to another because the foam cushion had worn out and messed with the sound quality on playback.
Putting batteries in the freezer as Nasir touches on or even boiling them and then freezing them. Plugging in headphones on your radio with the volume on 10 when recording because it made me think it recorded “louder” that way.
I remember all of that. I was part of the era, proud of it. And I will never pass at a moment to reminisce about not only the Golden Era of Hiphop but the Golden Era of life for me.

Carmelo Anthony Michael Jackson Experience