Friday, March 5, 2010


Definition Of Fly: Venus De’Milo

“..Since I always loved being in front of the camera I thought I should give a shot. Just trying take it as far as it can take me. And if it doesn’t at least I tried..” I was lucky enough to chop it up with up & coming model Venus De’Milo.. I know many have never heard or seen her. All that’s about to change, hit the read more link for more photos and to see what she thinks about traditional affection and foot rubs..haha, go! –>

Ok to start off introduce yourself to the readers, where you’re from and what you do..
Venus:Hello I’m Venus De’ Milo and I’m a model from Brooklyn NY

Now I don’t mean to get to personal but I’m sure people are curious to know your background …and measurements maybe? Haha..
Venus: I’m Puerto Rican and Colombian. 36D-29-40 and all natural ;)

So in doing some research about you I see you just stumbled upon modeling, was it ever in your plans to pursue it at all or did you aspire to be something else?

Venus:Since I always loved being in front of the camera I thought I should give a shot. Just trying take it as far as it can take me. And if it doesn’t at least I tried.

I remember you telling me you were just getting back into shooting, felt the need to take a break?

Venus: Yes just for a bit but I’m ready and back in full effect:)

Growing in any part of entertainment business can be grimy, I know you’re early in your career but have you had any bad experiences yet?

Venus:I wouldnt say bad experience but people in this biz talk alot of B.S. But I’m smarter then that.

I know you’re a city girl, so in your off time what types of things do you like to get into?

Venus: I like spending time with family and friends. Go to dinners, lounges, and just have a good time.

True, keeping it simple isn’t a bad thing, its cold right now, in the middle of winter what does Venus do on a lazy day…
Venus: I stay home under my covers with a glass of wine;)

What kind of music are you into, who are your favorite artists and why?

Venus: I’m Open to hear anything. I like a few artists. But I must say I love my Down South Music.

A lot of the time guys try too hard and end up turning a female off, what random small thing turns you on that most guys probably wouldn’t guess?

Venus: I like Personality. Someone that can make me Laugh and hold a Conversation.

Now I’ve had my experience with Hispanic women and one thing that you all do is stick by your man, if you’re in a relationship what can a guy expect from you on a daily basis, dinner every day? Foot Rubs? Lol..

Venus: Hmmmm I don’t know about foot rubs everyday (lol) but I Wouldn’t mind having Dinner ready on the table when they get home and giving a Massage if they need it. I Give great Massages ;)

Now a days a lot of people say ’sex is the new making out’ do you agree or are you more traditional?

Venus: I’m more traditional. I love to kiss. I still find that such a Turn on.

With all that said do you have time for a love life right now?
Venus:Yes I’m currently in a Relationship

So since this is the first time (..of many hopefully) the Fly Definition readers have maybe heard of you, let em know where to find you and what projects you have coming up..

Venus: You can find me on for my recent updates.

Thanks for taking the time out and doing the interview, its much appreciated and hope to have you back on the site soon ..any shout outs?

Venus: Thank You for all those that have supported me, You’ll def see more of me. And Thanx Fly Definition for this interview :)

Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 145 lbs
Shoe size: 8
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Very Long
Eye color: Green
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Skin color: Tanned

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Haja Rahim (New York,NY)

Modeling Name: Haja Rahim
Height: 5′2
Measurements: 34 23 36
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Long pass my shoulders
Eye color: Hazel
Ethnicity: Moroccan, Arab, and American
Skin color: Brown
Experience: Experienced
Compensation:Depends on Assignment



India Blu (Neptune, New Jersey)

Name: India Best
Modeling Name: India Blu
Weight: 118
Measurements: 34 – 24 – 36
Hair color: black
Hair length: long
Eye color: brown
Ethnicity: African- American, Native American
Skin color: brown


Basia (Pittsburgh, PA)

Name: Basia Marie Hogan
Modeling Name: Basia
Height: 5′4
Weight: 120
Measurements: 24 20 35
Hair color: Brown-ish Red
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Black
Ethnicity: Native American.Irish. Latina. Black
Skin color: Red Carmel
Experience: Very Experienced


Katrina (Rochester,NY)

Modeling Name: Katrina
Height: 5′7
Weight: 145 pounds
Hair color:Black
Hair length:Long
Eye color:Brown
Ethnicity: African American, Puerto Rrican, Sicilian
Skin color: Tan
Experience: Some Professional



Tiffany (Dallas,TX)

Modeling Name: Tiffany
Height: 5′3
Weight: 135
Measurements: 32-26-40
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: African American
Skin color: Dark Skinned
Experience: Very Experience
Compensation: Depends on Assignment



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Salacious model of the week

Name: Ta’Roya
Modeling Name: Salacious
Height: 5′4”
Weight: 129
Measurements: 36-25-42
Hair color: Dark Brown
Hair length: long
Eye color: brown
Ethnicity: Dominican & Jamaican
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Experienced
Compensation: Paid


Nada Lamont (St. Louis, Missouri) model of the day

Modeling Name: Nada Lamont
Height: 5′2”
Weight: 140lbs
Measurements: 34-27-42
Hair color: Dark Brown
Hair length: Shoulders
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Black
Skin color: tan
Experience: some, 2 years