Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gucci Mane - The BurrrPrint 2 HD (Cover + Track List)

Gucci Mane is preparing the release of the sequel to last year’s The Burrprint, with the help of DJ Holiday, as he sits in his cell in Fulton Country Prison. Below is the track list from to Asylum Records via MTV.

1. Gucci Speaks
2. Intro Live From Fulton County Jail HD (Produced by Drumma Boy)
3. Atlanta Zoo feat. Ludacris (Produced by Fat Boi)
4. Boy from the Block (Produced by Drumma Boy)
5. Gucci Speaks / Shawty Lo Speaks
6. Parked Outside (Produced by Shawty Redd)
7. Gucci on the Rise (Produced by Drumma Boy)
8. Rick Ross Speaks/ DJ Khaled Speaks
9. Do This Shit Again feat. Yo Gotti & Rick Ross (Produced by Schife)
10. Everybody Looking (Produced by Drumma Boy)
11. Yo Gotti Speaks
12. Coca Cola feat. Rocko, OJ Juiceman, Waka Flocka, Shawty Lo, Yo Gotti & Nicki Minaj (Produced by Drumma Boy)
13. Gucci Speaks
14. Here We Go Again (Produced by Drumma Boy)
15. Lil Kim Speaks
16. Antisocial feat. Mylah (Produced by Drumma Boy)
17. Beat It Up feat. Trey Songz (Produced by Drumma Boy)
18. Gucci Speaks
19. 911 Emergency (Produced by Drumma Boy)
20. Alley Boy Speaks
21. How I’m Living feat. Jim Jones (Produced by Fatboi)
22. Shining for No Apparent Reason feat. Waka Flocka & Wooh Da Kidd (Produced by Schife)
23. I’m So Tired of You (Produced by Drumma Boy)
24. Outro Live From Fulton County Jail HD (Produced by Drumma Boy)

Serius Jones - Stand Up Freestyle

Serius Jones - Stand Up from IrunsNY on Vimeo.


Fabolous - "I'M RAW" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Video: The-Dream ft. Ludacris- Love King (Remix) | Preview |

Video: Tiger Woods Creepy Nike Commercial

The words creepy, too soon, weird, awkward, reaching, and what theee fux all come to mind as I watch this video. But really tho.. What Theee Fuck. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks whoring your dead Father out in a creepy commercial to capitalize is beyond douchey.

Video: 50 Cent on Censorship Double Standard

“It’s interesting how [the censors] let things go. Standards on each artist are held completely different. The ‘P—y [Wagon].’ I’d like to see them leave that [license plate] clear and not blur it out when I make my next vehicle and it has the ‘P—y Wagon’ in it. You know? It’s interesting they let that fly. ‘It’s Britney, bitch!’ Nobody has a problem with that, but if I say, ‘It’s 50, bitch,’ they say, ‘Oh my God! You gotta edit that.’

“It’s their personal perception of your intentions,” 50 added about censors. “There’s actually a shot [in 'Telephone'] at the table in the diner where it’s just [breasts]. It looks great. But if I shot the same shot in my music video, they would make me edit it immediately. Even if I had a female talent that was a recognizable talent that I asked to be a part of the project, they wouldn’t let that go. They’d think in some way you are taking advantage of a woman for marketing purposes. It’s different standards. They’ll ask [me] to ask tell the girl to not turn around … if she’s dancing, for her to not turn around [in my video]. That’s the whole J.Lo show! It’s interesting, the standards they place on each artists.”