Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hot In The City by Photographer Noah Ritter

hot in the city noah ritter for highsnobiety Highsnobiety Shoots   Hot In The City by Photographer Noah Ritter
With the sweltering days of summer upon the city of New York, there’s really only one way to keep cool, by taking it to the street. In the tradition of famed street photographers Martha Cooper and Jamel Shabazz, Brooklyn based shooter Noah Ritter used only film with no retouching to capture the annual NYC tradition of moving the party to the stoops, corners and backyards when it’s literally too hot to be anywhere else. Shot in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn on the dominoe hot block of Macon between Malcolm X and Patchen, this is the epitome of “Hot in the City” with a Dominican twist.
Check out the full shoot here.

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