Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bow Wow’s Underrated Gets Delayed

Bow took to Twitter to announce his upcoming album has been pushed back until December. He also gave a more detailed explanation on his site, which can be found after the jump.
Letter to my fans: What up tho? me working hard as ever on this “Underrated Album”. So how do i say this with out making my fans some what a lil upset.. well i guess i cant right? but naw on the real im happy to announce the last and final release date on Underrated. New date will be DECEMBER 6TH. Reason being is mixing plus clearances for the records. Typical (Business Shit) no biggie. This album is more important to me than anything. For the last 2 years i have been working on this album since the day i signed. Even while working on “Lottery Ticket” and “Madea’s Big Happy Family”. I want this to be perfect not just for myself but for yall as well. No im not tryna build hype i believe the hype will build as we get closer to December and if you ask me the hype is already building. I’ve always been a december 4th qtr artist. Just about all my albums dropped in december so this is nothing to us. Look at it this way, Im trying to perfect something for my fans. When you going into a store and buy my shit, i want to make sure its worth your dollar. This is my van gogh my basquiat. Its my art. I now have the time to give yall way more material and videos than before. Because of the distance between now and December, i’ll have one of the biggest album roll outs in my career. I have time to drop 2 singles before my album comes out as well as videos. Even ones off “Greenlight 4″ i now can successfully deliver the “Batman” and “Boy or girl” videos prior to my singles off Underrated and album release. Ive worked with everybody yall on this mafuka. My label mate and homie Lil Wayne Chris Brown The Game Snoop Dogg Fabolous Meek Mill Bone Thugs n Harmony plus more… So once again dont be upset look at it like this is for yall, so yall can get what yall been waiting for for so long and thats that new hot “Bowizzle” shit. Not some rushed product because people want it so bad. Im glad yall understand and believe in me to bring yall the best album of my career. We all in this together. I will always bring yall the truth, and i know yall respect that when i keep it 100 with yall. On a side not e tho… This is what i do! i got us December 6TH is the date we locked and loaded. Now let the Promo begin. #UnderratedAlbum

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