Thursday, July 7, 2011

NBA Player Shows Up To Kids Basketball Camp In $200,000 Truck

Joe Johnson's $200,000 Truck
Atlanta Hawks guard Joe Johnson was the talk of a kids' basketball camp when he arrived at his University of Arkansas alma mater this past weekend.
Of course, the kids were excited to see the all-star NBA player, but their excitement had less to do with Johnson's performance on the court, and much more to do with the massive truck Johnson arrived in.
According to Yahoo Sports, the 11-year NBA vet pulled up to the camp in a gigantic Ford F-650 Super Truck XUV.
Reports state that including upgrades and features, Johnson spent well over $200,000 on the truck.
Although, when you're one of the highest paid players in the NBA, making $20 million per season, $119 million over six years, and bringing in more than Kobe Bryant, spending a quarter million on a car isn't that much money (even Birdman spend $8 million on his spaceship of a vehicle...step your game up, JJ).
Take a look at Joe Johnson's massive Ford truck and tell us what you think.

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