Thursday, July 7, 2011

Did Jay-Z And DMX Refuse To Be In The Same Room With Each Other?

Prior to beginning a two-year jail sentence last month, Ja Rule opened up about his past relationships with Jay-Z and DMX and why their supergroup never took off.
Speaking with XXL, Ja Rule spoke on recording with the two and Jay and X ultimately did not like each other at all.

"That would have been a great project, I think we was all bringing something different to the table, and we could have given hip-hop something special. When you try to put something like that together, you're dealing with egos and a lot of outsiders putting the bug in people's ear.
That's what got the best of the situation, a lot of egos. Not me per se, because I was kinda new and just coming up. But X and Jay, they had exploded on the scene by that time, and it was a lot of egos in the way...Really, to tell you the truth, I'm putting it in a nice way, but they didn't f*ck with each other at all. X and Jay didn't f*ck with each other at all. It was hard getting them in a room together."
In May, Rule said their competitive nature between one another kept the supergroup from happening.
"We tried to put [the Murder Inc. group] together, but it didn't pan out," Rule said. "I think egos got in the way of that whole situation. But you've got to understand that that's hip-hop, too. N*ggas are competitive.
I think [DMX] and Jay[-Z] were so competitive [that]...real talk, we couldn't even get [them] in the same room because of their competitive natures and what they had been through before that [with] -- the legendary battle that they had on the pool tables up in Uptown with the guns out."

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