Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Conversation With A$AP Rocky

asap rocky highsnobiety interview A Conversation With A$AP Rocky
Known for his singles “Peso” and “Purple Swag,” young Harlem rapper ASAP Rocky is scheduled to be the next big thing, securing a spot on Drake’s “Club Paradise Tour,” and releasing his first mixtape LIVELOVEA$AP someday soon. Read below to learn more.
A$AP Rocky is… that pretty muthafucka, that’s who he is. He’s the dude that has New York on his back, has hip-hop on his back for that matter. He’s that new up and coming freshman that everybody show’s so much love to. He’s the god of true love and, you know, there’s only a few that hate him. He’s that gold teeth, french braid, Rick Owen wearing muthafucka that the hoes love too. Laughs.
Being born & raised in Harlem, New York… made me the man who I am today. It help me be diverse, especially with the whole fashion influence, you know, downtown and shit like that. It helped me to appreciate different cultures.

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