Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Armed Notebooks by Megawing

armed notebook 1 Armed Notebooks by Megawing
Megawing takes the notebook and gives it a look that John Cobretti would approve of. Three different notebooks are seen here each with a 3-dimensional cover featuring a hand grenade, revolver and knife. In addition to the distinct outward appearance, each notebook also features unique design differences. Get yours now at MollaSpace.
Grenade Cover: Extending the lines from the cover grenade, pages inside have identical light grey plaid patterns to make sketches and notes more organized. First page has a “1 Second” sign to remind us that time is ticking; use it efficiently.
Knife Cover: Every page inside has lines with slightly bigger spacing and blank bottom portion to allow different visual experiments with your imaginations.
Revolver Cover: No lines nor boxes on the pages of this notebook to limit your creativity. Use the wide space to figure out a plan in reaching your targets/dreams/goals in life.
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