Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Selena Gomez-Sex Offender Bikini of the Day

These pictures of Selena Gomez in her bikini, self shot, like a typical slutty teen trying to get the affection of the boys in her class, or like a typical 20 something, trying to get the affection of her facebook friends, or like pretty much any girl feeling sexy looking for some male attention, in a way that I approve of, which is standing in front of a mirron, cellphone in hand, half naked….cuz I know she let this out thinking “Damn I look Good”…
Apparently the pics are old, from May, when she was in Hawaii sex offending Justin Bieber, even though I’m not convinced he’s not just Usher’s boy pussy, into dudes cuz he never had a dad, or some shit, that involves it all being one big publicity stunt lie, that maybe even Gomez’s people are behind, whoring her out to him, for personal gain…I just know that whatever they are doing, she’s 18, he’s not and that makes it illegal and getting her on the sex offenders list would be a nice lesson for all the sex offenders out there…not to mention it’d be hilarious…so let’s hope they make an example out of her sex offending ass.

That said, here are some pictures of her from yesterday – cuz she’s hired the paprazzi to follower as part of her takeover plan that will end up in a sex tape or leaked nudes when she realizes no one cares about her shit…to keep our sex offending watch more up to date….so that we know where she is at all times and so that she doesn’t come to your home and sex offend you….or your loved ones…

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