Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rick Ross cancels another gig

Someone must have talked some sense into Rick Ross because he's really starting to take it easy...

Rick Ross, who was photographed outside a Memphis Wing Stop hours after suffering two separate mid air seizures in route to a concert [click here if you missed that] , has canceled his gig at Georgia State University this Friday.

It's just as well, considering there was a planned protest against Rick's concert by students at GSU who object to their tuition funding his performance when they don't support his message.

Student Ayesha Kirk told WSBTV,
"We don’t understand why the lyrics are this way. Why is this an artist that we support? Why are we spending thousands of dollars on this message?”

“He is known for raps that discuss drugs, money and sex. In his song titled ’9 Piece’ Ross says, ‘I’m selling dope straight off my iPhone.’”

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