Friday, November 18, 2011

Life size Mario carts

This is pure fun – West Coast Customs, the over-the-top auto customization shop, famous for hosting MTV’s Pimp My Ride, now with locations around the world, and signature line of aftermarket parts, has teamed up with Nintendo to produce a series of real life Mario Karts – Mario’s Standard Kart, and Luigi’s Bumble V Kart. The vehicles, which are currently on display at the LA Auto Show, are fully driveable, and feature electric front wheel drive motors, 16-inch wheels, and disc brakes; says West Coast Customs CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus “we’ve played Mario Kart games for years, so it’s a dream come true to bring these karts to life. We think people will be blown away by seeing these cool video game vehicles in person.” They certainly are a novel trip, and participants in GameStop’s PowerUp program will have the opportunity to win one of the vehicles. Mario Kart fans are looking forward to the game’s anticipated 7th installment, which is set for a December 4th release; those just interested in seeing more about the Karts can tune in to the upcoming show Inside West Coast Customs early in the coming year. For now, check out images of these fun rides after the jump. via: Autoblog.

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