Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HD3 ‘Slyde’ Watch

HD3 'Slyde' Watch
Developed by Swiss designer Jorg Hysek, we present the HD3 Slyde Watch, fusing the latest design trends and cutting-edge electronic technology.
“SLYDE takes the underlying principle of the smartphone – the possibility to change applications by merely sliding a finger over a tactile screen – and adapts it to the world of 21st century watchmaking. Jorg Hysek was inspired by the automobile world (’which influences our entire aesthetic approach’) in crafting the watch’s streamlined appearance. He came up with a de luxe timepiece perfect for modern, aesthetic, instantaneous time-reading.
The refined, no-frills square case has a tactile screen that moves vertically and horizontally. This revolutionary display means that, by simply sliding across the watch screen, the user can generate an unlimited variety of timepieces on the wrist – corresponding to any event, desire, or particular moment. Creating a range of ‘different’ watches within a single timepiece is made possible thanks to a range of top-quality virtual modules.
SLYDE covers all forms of Time:
- The Past, by inserting modules like the automatic count-down from private events, and the chance to personalize the watch by inserting photographs
- The Present, with the immediate creation of watch interfaces providing aesthetic, made-to-measure time-reading
- The Future, with an automatic countdown to future events as per the user’s requirements
SLYDE is a veritable Swiss-made luxury watch, placing all the technological savoir-faire developed for its conception at the service of universal Time. There are no telephone applications, games, or other accessories among the customized modules. All that matters is apprehending Time, whether latent or real.
Each year, in cooperation with leading watchmakers, HD3 will develop new virtual mechanical movements that will be downloadable in limited series. This project represents a fine opportunity for them to forget about physical contingencies and to give free rein to their most ambitious ideas!
SLYDE watches are available with cases in black or grey titanium or in pink gold. Straps are in printed alligator leather or rubber. Every component of a SLYDE watch, complete with sapphire glass and water-resistant to a depth of 30m, derives from luxury watchmaking.”
The HD3 Slyde Watch is now available from colette for 5230 Euros. Check out the preview video of the watch here below.

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