Saturday, October 15, 2011

Keyshia cole announces new album

Keyshia Cole will be releasing her 5th studio album titled Woman To Woman in February, 2012 with the first single coming in December this year. This will be the follow up to last year’s under performing LP Calling All Hearts. She shared some details about the album on her Twitter a few hours ago

Yes single drops December.. Sorry. Album drop in February. So excited about this album! Although Ron Fair is no longer with Geffen records, N i’m very accustomed 2 him being here. MY NEW TEAM IS GR8. I will name them all very soon. New team. New life. New album. My child. My husband. 30′s are the new 20′s LOL. AND SO FORTH AND SO ON. HA. Had to bring the REDHEAD KEYSH bak for this album. Cause I LOVE my ladies. MOTIVATION.

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