Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Girl Goes To See Her Mother’s Body One Last Time At The Morgue, Discovers She Is Actually Alive

A woman who was in the hospital for pneumonia, without vital signs, they pronounced her dead and sent her body to the morgue. Her daughter then went to see her, and as she is going to give her a hug she woke up.

But she wasn’t dead, AFP reports.
The Associated Press translated comments Rosangela Celestrino, Celestrino de Assis’ daughter, gave Brazilian newspaper O Globo after she went to visit her mother for what she thought was one last time.
From The Associated Press, via The New Zealand Herald:
“I went to give my mom one last hug, and I could feel that she was breathing. I screamed out – my mom is alive! And they all looked at me like I was crazy,” Rosangela Celestrino, the patient’s daughter, told the paper.
“Not only did I have to go collect my mom from a cold storage drawer at the morgue, but when I got there, I find her still breathing,” Celestrino went on.
By this time, Rosa Celestrino had already spent two hours in a plastic bag in the morgue’s refrigerator, CBS News reports.
According to ABC News, the doctor who pronounced that Celestrino de Assis was dead has resigned. The nurse who initially checked her vital signs was fired.

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